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Our Lady's Chapel


The Windows of Our Lady's Chapel

Mary is the first of Jesus’ disciples and through her response “Let it be done to me according to your will.” The model of all Jesus disciples. The four windows represent the four most influential moments is a woman’s and for that matter, a man’s life.The first window represents Mary and her mother, St. Anne. It represents the importance of the home from which we come in helping us to meet the future.The second panel represents the annunciation Mary’s response to life of service to which God had called her. The response to vocations, whether as a married, single or religious is certainly an important moment in one’s life. The third panel depicts the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. The birth of one’s child is certainly one of the greatest moments of joy to a woman.The fourth panel shows Mary at the front of the cross. The death of one’s child is the greatest source of sorrow a mother can feel.Thus Mary is shown as a model and companion to all women and men from their formation. As children their response to God’s call, their joy and their sorrows. Our Lady has experienced and shared them with us.

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